Will you be rich every time you work hard?….

Will you be rich every time you work hard?
Once upon a time, an old man saw a young man who was upset and asked him. What are you thinking about, young man? The old man sat down next to me.

Cool, yes. So you want to be rich
What are you doing now? I have been working for a company for over 10 years.



I’m just trying to work, but I’m not rich yet
The old man smiled and said, “Who are you working for now? You work for the company, so you don’t have to work for the company to improve.”
If you work for your company, will you be rich, or will the company be rich?
How much and still working
I earn 1500 hours, so how many hours a day do you still work?
If you want to earn 30,000 a day, say you work for 10 hours
Will you work 20 hours? The young man
Thinking about what the old man said
The grandfather continued. How much you can earn working 20 hours
What about some people getting it in 1 hour?
Why don’t you think?
just working Just keep working hard
You can’t get rich, so make the right choice. to be intelligent We need a method
As the grandfather said, we can’t just work hard, but how can we make the right choice?
What kind of knowledge is needed to become rich? Methodologically, how to implement and earn money is needed.
Instead of just working hard
What should be done? It goes without saying that we need to choose and decide how to have more opportunities. So what do you and I have to do?
I wish them to find out what they should do, what they should do next, and then make the right choice