Tesla Phone called Pi Phone that can even scan the human mind…..

Elon Musk, the owner of Strar Link satellite and the owner of Tesla Company, has developed a Tesla Phone called Pi Phone that can even scan the human mind…..

Tesla Phone in the world today
Than the number one popular iPhone 13X
It has many superior capabilities.
Tesla Phone anywhere in the world
Capture and connect to the Internet with Star Link
It will be used in areas that do not yet have electricity
In places in the forest and mountains, solar charging is done using solar energy.
Also, if the user wants to watch the YouTube channel while using the phone
The phone screen is just focused without having to press anything
It is known that YouTube will be changed automatically
Because the phone is connected to the human brain
It is used automatically.
For example
The mute people who do not speak
As the blind
After scanning their minds
Since it will appear as text on the phone
For blind and deaf persons
It is also very useful.
The phone has 4 cameras
It has 108 MP.
The phone body follows the sunlight
Various colors are also changing.
No need to adjust the light at night
Self-explanatory and convenient
You will be able to take pictures.
Tesla Phone has 2 types of Video and Photo
It will be available for recording simultaneously
Because of the high-tech Tesla Phone produced by Elon Muck
Big changes are about to happen in the phone world
The news is coming out.
source Tech Talk