If you say that your health is low…

If you say that your health is low

Put the dragon powder inside the silver cup or bronze cup. Inside the cup, put 3 pieces of Aung Thae. Plant 1 cup of guava / (3 cups) of influence 1 cup / (3 cups) and give it to the god and the arahant masters.




Namotatha 9 times Sarna Gon (30) times Vozin Thut Taw 9 times Gongtaw 9 times. After that, the person with bad health should chew a guava leaf as a medicine. The remaining leaves should be mixed with mud and rubbed all over the body. Pray for good health.

Special girls should do it only on the day after finishing their women’s affairs. Note. . On the first day of the new year, the head washing ceremony can also be performed inside the Ongkan. He can do it by turning his face to the place where he was born.