If you spit while taking a shower..

If you spit while taking a shower..
What are the health benefits of taking a shower?

When many people enter the bathroom, I can’t tell a lie that they tend to poop when they take a shower.

At least once during the shower. No doctor tells you about the incredible benefits of peeing in the shower like this.

But there are actually some special benefits for us from peeing in the bathroom…

1. The American Environmental Protection Agency says that flushing the toilet saves the environment and the world.

The main thing is to preserve the water source. It’s not peeing while showering, it’s the toilet. Instead of spending the amount of water for a separate urinating in the restroom, the water that will be used once during the shower is already used, saving 27 percent.

2. Can his urine disinfect the wounds in his limbs and body? little scratches Worms from bug bites bacteria in urine Can be sterilized from urine.

If the wound is large, you should see a doctor for medical treatment.

3. It can support the health of your skin. If you have a skin disease like eczema, the best solution for this problem is urine. Urine.

The substances contained in urine are beauty oil, It contains the same natural substances used in skin health creams.

Those items keep your skin hydrated and dry your skin. It can also protect sensitive skin.

4. It can eliminate mold and mildew-causing bacteria. legs It can remove fungus and sores caused by fungus on the toes.

urine The mushroom pulls the urine. You can witness noticeable results and healing by simply applying it regularly around the affected area.

Credit: Grandfather