Let’s wash the intestines…

Let’s wash the intestines…
Colon washing should be done at least once a month because the intestinal tract is directly related to human health. And the intestines are also the second brain. The brain and intestines are connected by nerves and do a lot of work for the body. So the intestines need to be clean.

White radish will be used to wash the intestines. They will wash their bowels with white radish, which is a gift from nature. White radish has a lot of fiber. These fibers wash away all the impurities such as feces on the inner wall of the intestine.
I will buy beautiful radishes from the market. I will add a little rock salt and boil them*. No need to boil for a long time. In order to cleanse the intestines, after lunch on Saturday, you must eat only 1 kind of boiled carrot without eating anything else. Eat as much as you like. Eat only when your stomach is full Eat whenever you are hungry. You can eat it whenever you are hungry until you go to bed at night. It is also very good to eat. It also quenches thirst. It is very satisfying to eat. When you wake up the next morning, you must drink 1 liter of water. After that, all the old food in your stomach will be flushed out.
Washing the intestines with carrots not only cleans the intestinal tract but also the kidneys. In order to clean the kidneys, you need to drink more water while eating boiled carrots.
If the intestines are clean, the blood is also clean. The reason is that blood is formed from the intestines. If the blood is pure, it is disease-free. Diseases are in the blood, so as the blood is pure, the rate of disease is reduced.
After cleansing the bowels, the person will feel light and refreshed. A clean gut is the key to health. Food will taste good, water will be good to drink, work will be good, intelligence will be sharp, I can sleep better, If you have a stomach ailment, you will get better, your headaches will get better, and your aches and pains will also disappear. Indigestion and flatulence will also disappear, The appearance will be young and fresh.
On Tuesday morning, the matter of washing the bowels is over. Those who want to fast for 24 hours can continue. If you want to continue with the detox, just drink the olive oil blend at night. Therefore, those who want to cleanse their intestines, those who want to do fasting, those who want to do Detox, those who want to do 2 types, Those who want to do 3 types can now do as they like.
*Rock salt…
Pink salt from India is called rock salt. You can at City Mart. Also known as Himalayan salt, Pink salt. If you don’t have it, you can also use household salt after roasting it.
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