In the next (3) years…

In the next (3) years
1. Save as much gold and silver as you can.
2. Don’t give up on your professional work. Be sure to find a good opportunity while trying to excel, and be brave enough to risk it.

3. If you have time, do whatever you like. Learn to improve something related to work. Practice teaching online. There are a variety of Burmese tutorials on YouTube. You can even type and search in Burmese.
4. find a good friend Disaster is the best time to find good friends. He who can be a teacher, is a teacher. Make disciples who can make disciples.
5. Don’t waste it unnecessarily. Is it okay to buy or not use something? Can it be used as a substitute? Think about whether you can eat less. Save if you can.
6. Humble yourself. Don’t compete for honor, it’s cost-effective and safe. It is dangerous at this time to brag and compete for honor at great expense.
7. Avoid any worries about work. When making decisions about work, make decisions based on facts rather than emotions.
8. See more news. Do more studies.
9. Do physical exercise. Eat local natural fruits and vegetables as much as possible. Don’t feel obligated to use local products. Avoid long-term processed food. clean water clean plain water Drinking pre-prepared water is soft drinks, fruit juice including coconut juice; Make it a habit to drink plain water as it is healthier than drinking a certain soft drink.
10. Make time for family. Find friends that you can see when you want to see them and don’t see them when you don’t want to see them. Avoid someone who can help but is not dependent.
11. Don’t lend money. If you can, finish it once.
12. Houses, houses, etc. Don’t buy cars on credit.
13. Don’t start a new business without trying it out. Do the investments independently. If you want to have a job or a life goal, reform and restructure, maintain and manage it, and make changes to make it better. Rather than expanding to grow, we are doing well by conquering and handling.
14. I can’t eat it, It can be wrong. It is more important not to be behind than to be ahead.
15. It’s a time everyone is losing, and only he can save it.
16. Even if you’re on your own, don’t expect too much, even if you’re pretty sure. Today’s Hero can be tomorrow’s Zero. parents and children Teacher, student brothers and sisters relative Mate, My daughter eats Husband and wife are worse. Nothing is certain anymore.
17. You should meditate and practice according to your faith.