Very powerful “The Mantra of God’s Love”…

Very powerful”The Mantra of God’s Love”
To recite and offer

1. Between 5:00 and 6:00 in the morning
2. Drink (5) cups of water
Lamp (5).
After offering (5) incense sticks
3. (5) After receiving the preceptorship, recite the following mantra
(9) Folds / (27) Folds recited and offered within (1) month
Extraordinary benefits
Must feel.
During the recitation of the mantra
* How?
From the bottom up
Do not eat
It cannot be interrupted.
* His life no one
Cannot be withdrawn.
* Untreatable
Diseases too
Distinctly missing
Can be free.
* His bribe
No one stopped
Can’t block.
Existing wealth
and the possessions
Where it cannot be lost.
And the bribes
Exceptionally open.
* His wisdom (karma, wisdom, wisdom) and no one
It cannot be blocked.
* His existing limbs
Part (large sign
) also
No one can destroy it.
Stay safe.
Death does not come
that did not die/
very powerful/
From Buddhist scriptures
The mantra that came down
As a sacrament
I’m sharing with you guys…

The incantation of love
Resident Matabhikhewa
The little one.
Yan Prupakka Menata Thagat
It’s biological.
Anupek Mana Beik Khwae
Tathgata Parinirvayanti.
Etna New Switzerland
Toththi May (Te) Hotu Sabbath.
The interpretation of the mantra
What are the gods?
With the diligence of others
There is no custom.
Only when the time is right
He passed away.
This is the mantra of this department
The bad things
It’s a mantra to quit…
Every time you recite the mantra once
Increase the glory of God and chant…
Specially important
If you are facing danger
If you encounter a problem
108 times a day
Offer to recite…
If 108 times
If you can’t recite it
than his age
to pass more
Offer to recite…
After reciting and offering –
I am
The incantation of Adeen Maytham
108 recitations have been completed…
This is true…
Because of this true truth
And because of the power of this true truth
Because of the power of the residence
The incantation of Adeen Maytham
Reciting and reading
And because of good deeds
The incantation of Adeen Maytham
They are keeping
Because of the power of the spirits
The incantation of Adeen Maytham
They come and obey
Because of the power of the spirits
I did it today
Good deeds
of the portfolio
His Highness Tay Zaw
Because of the speed
His disciple now
Difficulty crisis
Disturbed plant
from evil dangers
Let it be released
God’s disciples are facing
Release from evil..
# (May) is for himself
# (Tae) is for others
Reverend Lord Ashdodhik
(Golden genius)