Medicinal effects of eggplant…

Medicinal effects of eggplant…

It has a spicy taste. bitter hot Spicy when crushed. It makes me digest. Can produce phlegm and wind. Makes the mouth sweet. fever asthma It cures cough and flatulence. heart disease Nausea and vomiting itching It has the effect of curing leprosy.
How to use it in medicine
For those suffering from fever, if you drink tomato soup, you can get rid of the fever quickly.
Patients with chronic fever If there is a sweet taste in the tongue and the taste does not appear, either the root or either fruit or 2-both or Bleeding with salt can be rubbed on the tongue.
indigestion If you are full, mix 2 kyats of 4 beans with warm cow’s milk and you will feel good in your stomach.
If you eat eggplant seeds crushed with salt, it dissolves phlegm and can cure cough.
cough without sputum and stuffy chest, Asthmatics should boil the Krangka So River with sugar and drink it regularly.
If you drink the water and blood of the Krangak Sot River and give it to your teeth, it can cure toothache.
hot urine urination For a drop of urine, it can be cured by bleeding the Kham Ka So River with rice water and drinking it with a little sugar.
snake venom If you are bitten, you will be given five or five infusions of saffron. By applying blood to the roots, snake venom Customs duty can be settled.
If you drink about one bowl of the five-five-pot infusion of the dried eggplant twice a day, it will relieve the pain of sprains and strains.
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