Now I know the amazing power of pickled pickles….

“Now I know the amazing power of pickled pickles.”

Keep it because it cures even kidney and heart liver diseases



Food and medicine suitable for hot and dry summer. One kind of medicine is pickled pickles.
It is a nutrition for healthy people and a medicinal food for unhealthy people.

Kimpun pickled tree is a kind of oleander shrub.

The soft stem and leaf stalks have thorns.
The green branches have a dull reddish color.

The leaves are small and rounded.

The fruit is long and straight.

There are joints between the seeds and valleys.

It is an edible tree that grows naturally throughout Myanmar.

Pickled pickles are powerfully useful for the liver.

Cooking and drinking pickled pickled soup; eating pickles fried food Grilling can be done.

Young leaves are soaked in pepper liquid, salt, mango fruit, If mixed with chili and fed


It relieves gall diseases.

If you grind the young leaves and apply them patiently on the affected area, the disease will be cured.

Crush the young leaves overnight and add a little sugar
If you add it in cold water and drink it regularly every day, dropsy (dropsy) will disappear.

Body fat, body color, intestinal color, horse body, Lena river
It can also be dry, etc.

Boiled pickled leaves and drink it to cure constipation and make the bowels soft and regular.

Prevents flatulence.

Relieve wind ache

Roasted leaf soup is a favorite for all occasions.
Extinguishes internal heat.

It encourages the kidneys and makes them urinate.

It is good to start from impotence, impotence and impotence.

Cleanses the blood and makes the organs look young and clear
Makes fat lighter.

Malaria Stomach disease Blood diseases People with white spot disease should always eat pickled pickles.

Grilled and pickled fish meat for people with heart disease Palm trees
10 Kyats Boiled with moderate amount of salt three times a day
It should stick.

Serve the recuperating lumama with fried leaf soup and dried rotten fish dipped in hot rice.

Fried leaves mixed with some kind of meat and fish
The rice is delicious.

People with bad digestive system People with indigestion and intestinal disease need to cook pickled pickles.

Chop the young kampoon leaves into a powder and add garlic, goat’s head Turmeric salt fish paste dried shrimp powder Add the cashew nuts and coat with oil.

Knead with wheat flour and wrap it with flamed bay leaves.

Wrap again with banana leaves and then top down with scissors
If you turn the grill over the fire, you will get a fragrant roasted leaf.

sick people It can be used as a dietary supplement for people with oral problems.


Myanmar medicine and home remedies
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