(9) The reason why karma is blocked is very deep.

(9) The reason why karma is blocked is very deep.

There are obstacles in the past, karma and karma, and they can be present from all sides. The way I will tell you now is to overcome those obstacles and work patiently to gradually weaken the closed karma and bring good karma.
It will bring benefits. Tell me what to do now. No (1) Of all the good deeds I have done, write down 11 good deeds that I have been grateful for and put them on a piece of paper every morning.
When you wake up, read that paper from beginning to end and be satisfied.


No (2) Avoid cursing every morning. The best thing is to open up the prayer of love. No (3) Sow rice on the road.

No (4) Offer water to the Buddha to drink while offering the drink, focus on the real living Buddha in your mind and give it to him.

Offer sweet bananas sprinkled with powdered sugar to His Holiness. Offer them every week. No(6) Make sure to clean your birth area twice a month and recite the prayer aloud. No(7) Tuesday evening.

Every time you arrive between 4:30 and 7:30, pay 200 bucks on the street so that no one knows about it. No (8) Offer honey and filtered water to an elderly monk every four months.

Focusing on the Lord, from the beginning of the cycle to the present life, the disciple has sinned physically, verbally, and mentally in the five infinite and infinite fives and the 10th husband.

I’m asking to beg for it to go away, and I also forgive those who have wronged me, as well as the curses that I swore to others and others to myself in this cycle and in this life.

If there is, let the Buddha kick you three times and go to sleep. Do not think about anything else while you are sleeping.

Just believe in the 9 points that I just mentioned, no matter how unlucky or unlucky you may be, no matter how much you want to close your karma, your karma will open up and your karma will benefit you.
The method is easy. You just need to believe and stick to it. (7) May all my children be blessed with good luck and happiness.
Kyaw Bo Bo Hin….