Onion lemon juice that boosts immunity…

Onion lemon juice that boosts immunity: For those who don’t want to drink, read..
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I would like to share a very simple and easy kitchen remedy from the health news page. That’s Ketar’s Onion Lemon Toss.
(1) Cut the onion into thin slices. head-cut Dry the hedge.
(2) Make a circle as shown in the picture. Don’t wash: Don’t.
(3) Add a squeeze of lemon on top of the onion.
(4) A sweet taste will appear. The unpleasant smell will disappear.
(5) Eat 4 onion lemon juice often. 4 with rice Can be eaten together with other foods.
This method is an easy method that can be made and eaten within 2 minutes before a meal.
If you can spend more time, thinly slice the onion and add a squeeze of lemon. salt You can add a few green chilies to make onion salad and eat it.
Eat onions and chew about 3 peanuts to prevent bad breath. Rinse with lukewarm water.
By serving the Onion Lemon Toss
(1) It will increase resistance.
(2) It can prevent diseases such as influenza that can be transmitted in the air.
(3) Can be free from pests.
(4) Alleviates diabetes.
(5) Those who smell bad. It relieves people with bad breath. Personally, this is a must do all the time
(6) Increases strength for married people.bbbbbbbb
(7) Heartburn Relieves thirst.
(8) Excess fat in the body can also be reduced.
By making simple and easy onion-lemon sauce, you can cure diseases by eating it.
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