Prevents cancer and blood clots solid color healing Stomach ache and medicinal powers of the eye tree…

If you even see eye to eye, don’t throw your mouth away.
It can be said that it is a leaf that is very beneficial for the body by consuming it.
In Karen State, it is called the eye-eye tree, and in other areas, the term may be different.
In English it is called (Purslane).
There are 2 types of green plants and red plants.
According to research reports, fiber, vitamins Reactive salt Contains omega 3 and lowers blood pressure.
Regulates the blood,
Protects against cancer.
Prevents blood clots.
Treats ulcerative colitis.
Treats cystitis.
Heals the wound.
Treats severe appendicitis.
Prevents dysentery.
It can be eaten raw or as a snack.
Can be fried.
You can add cotton.
It can be fried with eggs.
Today, we plucked the leaves from the farm and ate them like fried kondon leaves.
I like the taste more than kansoon leaves. A little bit of heat.
If it becomes well-known and there are more consumers, it can become a vegetable in the market.
Credit: winmyint iqwin farm
Ma Chaw
kind regards