7 things that will be poor…

(7) things that will be poor…

(1) Use without thinking
How you spend your money today will determine your future finances in the next (10) years

It’s a controlled thing /
If you can’t distinguish between “need” and “want”.
It starts with unnecessary expressions
So this is the only thing that causes financial problems in my life
(2) Making life in debt
Every time you get into debt, you’re financial status
It’s slowly being sucked down / credit debt / any card debt / other debt /
Installment debt / etc. Building this debt is the same as building new streams of permanent income.
So, these factors can benefit your long-term finances.
(3) Failure to maintain detailed financial records
Failure to list income/disbursements
In the financial part, not knowing your own benefits / not being able to keep financial documents properly / This kind of small matter can make most people’s lives suffer financially / so keep your finances properly so that these things don’t interfere with your life /
(4) Extra money – never plan the money
Not making a financial plan / not thinking about the money to be spent in the future will always lead to emergency issues in your life /
In finance, these (3) sources –
(1) Income – capital expenditure
(2) Basic financial condition
(3) If you have (and know) basic financial statistics, you can make life much easier
(5) Underestimation of savings
The main reason savings are important is financial diligence / so a person who despises small amounts of money and pushes savings to the next day is putting off his future financial success.
(6) I accept a life without goals
A life without a goal is a ship without a compass
It’s the same as / In every part of life, there should be a path to achieve the goal with financial control / In order to have the money you want, you must have a goal first.
Financial knowledge is not emphasized
Money can never solve financial problems / But only financial problems solve problems / So if you want to improve your finances, seek financial knowledge (Earn income / Control your money in and out / Save money / Then make capital) … Start today ..