The higher the attitude, the happier…

The higher the attitude, the happier…
Those with a high attitude
I feel happier.

How do you raise your mind?
Always study and practice it.
The higher the attitude, the happier it will be.
Just a high living standard
Not happy yet. Level of
Being high will be happy.
Meditate whenever you have time.
Sit for five minutes.
Good attitude and awareness
Talk to the right person. Discuss.
Hang out with happy people.
A happy person does not have difficulties and problems.
They are the problem and the difficulty
It is not resolved in a miserable way.
Laughter is the best medicine
They said.
Medicine makes an unhealthy body healthy.
It makes me strong.
So you need to be able to laugh when something is not right.
Being able to laugh when there is something uncomfortable is powerful
It is a sign.
He who is weak in spirit
A little uncomfortable
If there is something, I can’t laugh or smile anymore.
The one who is happy
more successful. You are more likely to get what you want.
Like a magnet attracts iron, happiness attracts success
can drag.
Happiness is in the mind
It’s a situation.
Being happy is the best state of mind.
In that state of mind
The smartest, the best
Ideas come out.
Be careful when you are happy
. The mind is in the present.
When you are happy, you are healthy. Being happy
Better health.
When you are happy
Whatever you do is more convenient.
When you are happy
I have a good heart.
Happiness must be your inner state.
Waking up in the morning with nothing to show for it
He must be a happy person.
How does that happiness matter?
It cannot be destroyed.
What if you want to be happy?
Don’t dwell on the issue. I lean on
If things move, I will move.
Treat people right
If you can deal with it, the world
If the vision is right, you will be happy.
Both are up to you
It depends.
That’s why happiness depends on you
Today everything is as expected
I can’t say it will happen.
But whatever happens
I will do my best and be happy
If you want to say that.
Bishop U Zotika (Mahar Myain Tora)