Pure and pure Buddhism….

Pure and pure Buddhism….
I didn’t ask about astrology.
I don’t care about numbers.
Focus on only 3 gems.

No matter what day you come to God
There is no prejudice that they will worship.
Big 4 Big 9 is also a kind of rosary
There is no.

Prayerful gods,
If you visit the 4 Suetaws of Bagan on the same day
full of prayers,
Rich people
If you go to Kyaik Hyo Pagoda 3 times in a year, you are rich.
Bearers on the Pagoda at Kyaik Hyo Pagoda
How many times are you going up…
Are they rich?
God, where is it from?
Not the statue of the pagoda
We can have an equal attitude.
God has 9 attributes
It’s full.
The tomb will be built.
5 will maintain morals.
8. Shall observe from time to time.
Daily meditation
How many people are there?
If you follow the survey, the population
I don’t think it’s too much.
luck The benefit of karma (karma = goodwill = work).
I don’t believe that Mangali is a dithi
If they only believe in heresy
I don’t believe in Buddhism.
Poor Buddhists.
Theravada Buddhism is the epitome of Buddhism
May they be clean and spread.
Thankful Rector Bishop
Dr. Nanda Malabhiwantha 🙏🙏🙏
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