Congratulations on owning golden houses…

Congratulations on owning golden houses. Here are some worldly ways that will help your friends to have good luck in their houses and to help them own houses.

If you want to escape from the life of a tenant and become a landlord, you can build shrines and altars in big trees and offer prayers to the lord of Rukasoe.
You can do it.
If you are 30 years old, you have to make 30 rosaries a day. There is no set number of days you have to enter the rosary. Just rosary.
Because it means to get a house for free, if you enter once, I think you should enter for 49 days.
When asked to donate or keep it, it is not already mixed, either at home or at home. Wherever there are many birds, build a bird house. The birds are already in that house.
I’m so excited, I’ll have to make another one. In the same way, within a year, I’ll donate my own seed birdhouses.
You will get things that are no longer difficult
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