About the highly medicinal spleen…

I saw Mango Leave being sold in the United States for $13 per 2 ounces, which is around 2,500 Myanmar baht per pack.

What’s good, Google knocked.
Mango leaves
More nutrients than mangoes.
With vitamin A and B C
Rich in antioxidants.
Spleen in medicine
It can be boiled with water or the leaves can be used as a powder in Southeast Asia
They cook and eat.
As a medical
It is used to control diabetes.
In addition, it regulates high blood pressure
Psychiatric respiratory disease
It can be treated.
Tumors and cancer growth
It reduces.
Can be deleted.
Stomach diseases and diarrheal diseases
It can be treated.
For hiccups
If you burn dried leaves and inhale
It’s gone.
Can be used for burns.
Earache can be treated.
You can reduce weight.
About the highly medicinal spleen
Spleen leaves are rich in Vitamin A, B and C and contain potassium and magnesium.
Spleen and Health –
1. Anthocyanidins in the spleen
Spleen leaves in hot water because it contains nutrients
After soaking overnight, the resulting liquid
Drinking it helps to reduce the onset of diabetes.
2. Spleen
Reduces high blood pressure.
3. Does taking a bath with the spleen in a porcelain bath reduce anxiety?
Help reduce.
4. Kidney stones and
If you have gallstones, grind the spleen leaves into powder and soak them in hot water overnight. If you drink them every day, they will dissolve the stones.
It disappears.
5. Cook more spleen leaves.
If you drink it with a little honey
loss of voice cold cough
suffocation Asthma will disappear.
6. Because the spleen contains adiponectin
Fat loss and weight control
7. Spleen prevents cancer.
There is no major adverse effect on the spleen.
It is said to be safe to consume.