Horoscopes that will make you rich (4)….

Horoscopes that will make you rich (4).
(Calculate yourself if you can get rich)


(After calculating, I didn’t know what was left)
Establish Myanmar date of birth.
Eat 12. Repeat the remainder by 7.
(To eat again – only when the remaining 7 are raised
7 must eat again)
1 left. Horoscope of King Garuda.
3 remaining. Horoscope of the termite.
5 remaining. Indra Horoscope.
7 left. . Dragon Horoscope.
Out of the four horoscopes
If you get something
The glory will be stolen
Kyaw Zaw will appear,
Will be filled with wealth.
Example will be calculated.
1340 ÷ 12 = remainder 8
Because the remainder is more than 7
The remainder must be eaten again with 7.
8÷.7=1 The rest is Garuda’s horoscope.
Let them be comfortable.