Food that has the same effect as bird’s nest…

Don’t be upset because you can’t buy bird nest because it’s expensive…
Food that has the same effect as bird’s nest.

I will tell you personally
With a low price and a lot of money
Boil the palm and pour the juice
Strength: ..Strength: It’s important to have strength at this time
I have noted that it is stronger than a bird’s nest
Father Say: I was looking for a bird’s nest in Dang Tuk, and a friend told me
I made a stew with a red spoon and a palm tree, and it is strong like a bird’s nest.
My father was in intensive care at the hospital, and at that time, my urine was like rice water, and it didn’t help.
If there is enough, I will drink the Kansoon Roni and Tangyam broth that I boiled for my father
Urinary problem is surprisingly good
As for me, I put 5 cups of water and 3 mugs of water in my palm, holding a spoonful of leaves in my hand.
You can share freely.
Take care, friends