Pebble stir-fry, which is popular in China…

Pebble stir-fry, which is popular in China…
A traditional deep-fried dish featuring pebbles, dubbed the world’s hardest dish, is the talk of culinary enthusiasts on Chinese social media.

When eating this dish, which should be called stir-fried with pebbles, you can taste the flavors of the spicy dish by absorbing the pebbles.

The dish originated in the eastern Chinese province of Hubei.
Absorb the flavors of the dish and spit out the pebbles, a street chef explains in a video.
The name of the dish is also given in Chinese as suodiu, which means “suck up and throw away”.
Videos of netizens sampling the pebble stir-fry have been circulating all over Chinese social media over the past week.
One of the videos shows how the unique dish is fried at a street stall.
Pebbles, peppers, It is fried and mixed with spices and ingredients such as garlic and chili.
The taste of the dish inspires passion, said a street shop cashier in a video, and says it’s as popular as alcohol.
Pebble stir-fried food is sold to consumers in palm-sized containers for 16 yuan (2.30 US dollars / over 7,000 Myanmar kyats) per container.
“Take home as a souvenir,” the chef said, asking a customer in one video, “After soaking up the flavor of the dish on the pebbles, do you have to return those pebbles?”
Chinese media said that Suodiu, a dish of stir-fried pebbles, is believed to have existed for hundreds of years and has been passed down from generation to generation of boatmen.
It is also said that in the olden days, boatmen were stranded in the middle of the river while transporting goods and ran out of food, which is why the dish originated.
Stranded in the middle of the river and running out of food, the boatmen searched for pebbles and mixed them with other spices to cook them into a dish, Chinese media reported.