(Ginger) ear drops (practical)…

(Ginger) ear drops (practical)”
Untimely earache.
It has happened to many people and family members who suddenly find it difficult to buy medicine and don’t know what to do.

If so, with a medicinal effect
Remember the nature that every full house has in its kitchen.
For unbearable earache, wash the fresh chin with water, crush it, and extract the liquid.
According to the traditional medical term, it is called mineral water. Put the resulting ginger mineral liquid into a clean steel spoon and heat it just hot with a candle flame. It’s warm. Put 5 drops into the affected ear. The earache will be cured.
That method is #Chin ear drops.
As you have experienced it yourself, if you have family members/adults/children suffering from ear pain, please report it. I was treated only with Chinna drops, and there was a cure.
If you have an earache in your family, you don’t need anything special, you just need a kind of chin that is always ready in the kitchen of every house.
Practical Medicinal Plants Volume (1) published by the Department of Traditional Medicine Research and Development
Credit: Ye Myo Tha (Bodhi Myain)