What is the human behavior that needs to be observed..everyone should know…

What is the human behavior that needs to be observed..everyone should know…
(1) No matter how close you are.
Do not speak lightly.
The pain you feel
Everyone has it.

(2) No matter how much you hate it.
Other people’s privacy
Humiliating and insulting
Don’t do it.

Everyone deserves respect
He is also worthy of himself.
(3) No matter how good-natured he is
Don’t miss the opportunity.
Learn to preserve yourself.
Everyone is an opportunist
(4) No matter how much you get for free.
The amount of length you should get
Be conscientious and considerate. Many times
Dharma should be cultivated.
(5) No matter how difficult the problem is
Let him learn to solve it first with his own ability. Don’t be someone who wants help easily.
(6) No matter how honest a person is
Let’s meet. For your benefit
Don’t use it.
Honesty is a quality and not something that exists for others.
(7) No matter how powerful he is
You are easily bullied
Don’t give birth to a wishful thinking.
Today’s powerful people will be tomorrow
One day he lost his strength
Because you can go.
The cycle goes on.
(8) How many ideas
Be the opposite.
Don’t think you’re right.
If you can’t use it, discard it.
You are in other people’s thoughts
He can’t and he won’t.
(9) How much are you?
Be brilliant
Calling others poor and stupid
Don’t comment easily.
Because background conditions are not consistently available
Notice the difference.
(10) His favorite people and things
A state of mind
You have the right to choose your religion.
But the things that others like and criticize
you like
Honor things
Needless to say.
Things you like
Others are like you
If you respond
You can easily
In other people’s decisions
You don’t need to use your brain.
Compassion is you
Not for that.
It should also be placed on others.