Urinating at night is a symptom of heart failure, not the bladder…..

Urinating at night is a symptom of heart failure, not the bladder.
Adults and the elderly suffer from urinary incontinence the most because they wake up frequently at night.

Elderly people shy away from drinking water before going to bed at night because they are afraid of losing sleep. They think that if they drink water, they will have to get up again and again to urinate. Not drinking water before bed or after urinating at night is a major cause of frequent heart attacks or strokes in adults and the elderly.

In fact, nocturia is frequent urination and not a bladder function problem. With age, the heart’s function declines because the heart is no longer able to pump blood from the lower parts of the body.
In such a situation, the blood flow decreases even more when we are standing. If the heart is weak, there is not enough blood in the heart and the pressure in the lower body increases.
Therefore, adults and the elderly develop swelling in the lower body during the day. When you sleep at night, the lower body is relieved of pressure, so it stores a lot of water in the tissues. This water comes back into the blood. If there is too much water, the kidneys will have to work harder to separate the water and push it out of the bladder. This is one of the main causes of nocturia.
Therefore, between the time I fall asleep and the first time I go to the toilet, it is usually three or four hours. After that, when the water in the blood rises again, After three hours, you have to go back to the toilet.
Now the question arises, why is it an important cause of stroke or heart attack? The answer is that after urinating two or three times, there is very little water in the blood. Breathing also reduces the body’s water content. This causes the blood to thicken and become sticky, causing the heart to slow down during sleep. Blood vessels become blocked due to narrowing of blood vessels and slow blood flow…
It is the reason why adults and the elderly have heart attacks or strokes between 5 and 6 in the morning. In this state they die in their sleep.
The first thing to tell everyone is that nocturia is not a bladder disorder, it is an aging problem.
Another thing to say is that you should drink lukewarm water before going to bed and drink it again when you urinate at night.
Do not be afraid of nocturia. Drink plenty of water. If you don’t drink water, it can kill you.
Third, to improve the performance of the heart, you should do more exercise at regular intervals.
The human body is not a machine that will deteriorate if overused, but on the contrary. The more you use it, the more you use it. The stronger it is. Don’t eat unhealthy foods, especially starchy foods and fried foods.
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Here is an interesting and informative article by Dr. Bangsar on the health problem.. *Nocturia*.
It is specifically meant for the elderly, so I am copying and sharing it so that they can read it…