A kind of consonant magic of ancient teachers…

Pray for those who are stagnant without glory or bribery. Everything will change…
A kind of consonant magic of ancient teachers





Every time Uon Ka-kyi says what I plan to do.
If I stop the dog, the enemy will run away.
My enemies know me and hide me.
Uon D Gyi bought me a sword and spear gun.
I got it right away.
All the witches tried me on the way down
Lost by fire.
Uon Salai teacher, all of them are Rotok.
When you see me, you see me.
Draw the line of the egg, my great victory.
The night of my life, the darkness of ignorance, the magic of light
The door of trouble is closed in me.
No matter what I say, I like it
Stay in power.
My disease and pain are completely gone.
Uon Dharin blew into my throat and vomited immediately.
I’m almost where I want to go, the infinite universe journey.
The one who saw me warm and hot, loved him.
Uon Tsin Htoo, my wisdom is the first to lead the world.
Come and give me all the wealth of the gods and goddesses.
Good luck with the success of the egg.
In the nest, I have the fangs of the gods and evil.
My wisdom is like Win Gheak.
My wisdom is the master of all worlds.
Uon Vatchai, my knowledge, four pictures of fortune-telling
Aunglan plant.
Um Bakone, my knowledge of Mahidhi glory is thundering to the sky.
Umm Saraswati Devi, My Lady, the business of me.
Uon Yapalet Yatha Chueram Meit Good Liang
Really me.
A bad sign if the enemy is also afraid of the eggs
Lost in me.
Moon, my life, the moon shines in new glory.
Come and show me wisdom.
If the animal is in danger, save it with my wisdom
They will be happy easily.
Oom Ha Arahant, come near me, religious
Do not feed.
Oomli Gyi is the most famous news in the world of my knowledge.
Oh my palate, Indra
Create yourself.
Note . . Ingestion as food magic. Chanting as a mantra. Receiving a reward as a prayer.
In matters such as using it as a slang
They can use as much as they understand.
Everything you say in the world doesn’t happen
People who don’t respect themselves, don’t have influence at home, at work, have a small face, don’t flourish in glory, don’t flourish in bribery, recite these 33 consonants and pray. Everything will change.
Say Tay Za Aung (Gandhari scholar of Mya Se generation)
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