About an interesting town in the northernmost part of the world where people are not allowed to die…

About an interesting town in the northernmost part of the world where people are not allowed to die…
There are many strange cities in the world, but I can assure you that none of them can match the strangeness of this city.

The name of the town is Longyearbyen, the top of the world. With the reputation of being the northernmost city in the world, it can already be predicted as a very interesting city.

Longyearbyen, the capital of the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, was once a mining town but is now a small community that visitors love.


In fact, the city’s scenery and unique natural surroundings have made this town particularly famous.



If you want to learn what life is like in this Arctic archipelago, you should read the points below, and after reading all of these points, you will surely be left with many surprises.

1. The streets in Longyearbyen don’t have names. The streets in Longyearbyen are numbered rather than named. I think this city thinks simply.

2. It will be the only city in the world without a cemetery. People are not legally allowed to die in Longyearbyen.

So, as mentioned in the beginning, this city is a god city where residents are not allowed to die.

The city’s soil is permanently frozen, preventing corpses buried within the archipelago from decomposing.

So the old cemetery of Longyearbyen has not been used for more than 80 years.
So if people died, the bodies were sent back to the mainland. As there is no right to die, I encourage you to settle elsewhere near retirement. Relocating the elderly.

3. Residents can buy soft drinks, An alcohol card is required to purchase alcohol. This tradition has been the culture of the city since the excavations of the old city.

It started when miners were given a ‘ration card’ to get a bottle of soft drink or a beer, and to this day locals have to show their card to get a drink.

If you come here as a guest, you can use your plane ticket instead of the ration card used by the residents.
4. More than 40 countries have rights to Longyearbyen. Who owns this town is ostensibly in Norwegian territory, but it’s not that simple.

Before the discovery of minerals, the archipelago was without a ruler. Then everyone became a problem of where they could mine, and they found a solution that recognized Norway’s sovereignty.

In other words, for this city, Australia United States UK China Argentina More than 40 countries have signed the copyright treaty, including Lithuania and South Africa.

On the other hand, the city is still considered part of Norway, and the country is responsible for environmental protection.
5. Can stay indefinitely. This city can work without a visa. Anyone can live and live freely, not just nationals of signatory countries.

6. Although Thailand has never signed the treaty, it has a large Thai population.

Interestingly, the population of the city is Norwegian; Russians and Thais occupy the most places.

7. Leaving your shoes at the door is a polite way to live in this city.

hotels, Museums and local libraries have signs asking visitors to take off their snowy and muddy shoes at the entrance.
8. You are not allowed to enter restricted areas of the city without a firearm. Almost all the townspeople carry guns. But there has never been any gun crime in this city.

The reason I carry a gun is because of the danger of polar bears. As an occasional arctic archipelago, Longyearbyen cannot escape polar bears.

Hungry bears attack humans, so residents need guns.

9. Up to four months out of the year. There is no sun during Longyearbyen’s winter.

In late October, the sun disappears from view and does not reappear until early March.

You are guaranteed to see the Northern Lights when you visit during the polar nights.
On March 8, Solfestuka is held a week later to welcome the return of the sun.

At this festival, people from all over the city gather to wait for the return of the sun.