Boat house should live in the land, shouldn’t be..

“Carthead, Boat house should live in the land, shouldn’t be”
Both in Myanmar traditional rituals and in phone gold wisdom, the well-known “cart wheel, boat wheel” is not good. cart road road A house should not be built facing a three-way intersection. In the book of phone gold wisdom, it is said that …(T) is a crossroads. This type of terrain is also common on urban housing plots. Building a house on the land of “Leng Uo Tui, Uo U Tui” There are many buildings.

“Wagon head, boat head” house was hit. The people living in that house have no economic progress. domestic Marriages will also be difficult.
In phone gold education, In Myanmar’s traditional way of life, it’s a place where you shouldn’t live.
But….in the traditional Burmese ritual method, places like “cart and boat” kind of house The building has a store, Liquor store If the shops open, it’s good. It said that it should be opened.

As I mentioned earlier, the video movie theater karaoke hall just have a picnic liquor store It is best to open beer shops.
In fact, because the “market view” is the best. I will try to think logically. face to face Even from the far side of Xian Tushu Road, your own shop, You can see your show. It’s a three-dimensional view (3D). It’s true to say that the “market view” is strong.
Try to think again. Stealing the house of “cart head, boat head” 0 mosquito, People who want to rob and attack are easy to spot from a distance. carts, If cars drive straight down Tushu Street and turn left and right in front of your house, the phones will enter the house. If the funeral has come from the front of Tushu Street, then you must have seen that grand scene for a long time.
In the villages, the herds of cattle coming from the cart road were looking at the huts of “Leng U Tu, Veu U Tu” One of the buffaloes I often get two people coming in and out. This is not good at logical reasoning and “the head of the cart, the head of the boat”. I am saying that you should not build a house.
But…”I have built a house in such a “cart-to-boat, boat-to-toe” place. If the house has already been built, how can it be different? This is easy.
~ The main gate must be moved from the place facing the road.
~ What is better than this method is the top of the door, A mirror is placed on top of the entrance door. It must be hung. Mirrors are hung in the houses of “Khao U Tui, Uu U Tui” It is found that it is attached correctly. Some mirrors are too small, Some mirrors are too big. It should be a six-inch square mirror. In the middle of a mirror, you must write a square box (1″ or 2″) in red.
~ Planting acacia trees in the house, building a high stucco wall, etc. It is possible to protect it by installing a fountain, but it is not possible due to the terrain. mirror, It’s good to hook up.
The most important thing is…the intersection of the road, “the corner of the chicken’s tongue”, the house built on the triangle plot is the most important place to avoid.
#Credit to the original author, Win Zaw (Forest).