How to make beads that will make every sugarcane auspicious…

How to make beads that will make every sugarcane auspicious…
The rosary is not peaceful but burning

I tried to control my mind with beads to calm down for a moment…..
What should be avoided?

1. Avoid when you are hungry When you are very hungry
2. If there are work matters to worry about
3. If you are very sleepy, If you don’t get enough sleep
4. If you are full after eating a full meal, when your stomach is extremely full
5. If the weather is too hot and too cold
6. When there are noisy sounds around him
It would be best if you could avoid such times……
What will happen if I don’t avoid it?
If you don’t avoid it, you will have to do good deeds, but you won’t get complete peace of mind….
Can’t establish integrity…..
How do you feel before you start rosary?
Empty your mind before praying the rosary
Being empty means not thinking about anything
Don’t think about what you want to be
Don’t think that you don’t want to be
Make sure the 2 ends are free
How to keep your mind while praying the rosary?
How many days will I get out of my head
Take it out for a while…
More than the number of beads per week
How much he can concentrate
More important…..
Then put aside the desire to finish the rosary week quickly (be patient)
I want to finish the beads quickly
Don’t let it…..
When praying the rosary, don’t let anything else enter your mind except the praises and mantras you are reciting….
Only the beads are sitting
Is the back door closed?
Is the faucet stuck in the bathroom?
Did you turn on the hot plate in the kitchen?
I would like to kindly ask you to do the rosary after clearing all the issues that are likely to be done.
Therefore, all the good people who do the work of praying the rosary in their daily affairs
At the end of the work, they did the rosary work only at the time of the night
Or daily activities
They usually perform the rosary at dawn, which is the time before it begins.
In ordinary times, if you waste your time and pray the rosary
Such matters are not related to me
Forget it for a while…if possible, put the phone you are holding in flight mode.
While praying the rosary
His praises (mantras) that he is reciting are increasing
There must be beads.
Then the bead makers are very short-tempered
Bead makers are no longer angry
He will learn to calm his mind