In Mandalay, a monk who was collecting alms was hit by a car and his body dumped….

In Mandalay, a monk who was collecting alms was hit by a car and his body dumped….
Mandalay Aung Mun Thar San Township, The Charitable Min Khao Rescue Association said that a car crashed into a monk who was coming to give alms at dawn on June 6 on Mandalay Mountain Road near Thitagu Buddha University and dumped his body.

The monk whose body was dumped is the brother-in-law of Mandalay’s charity leader M-Rescue.
The victim was 93 years old. 25 Wasi U Aobatha, He was known to be a resident of Abyakhema Shwe Valley Monastery, and that morning he had gone out to alms with one of Dullaba U Pacha.
The chairman of the charity head association said, “The school is on a mountain, so I went down to give alms. 2. The other has only been wearing dullaba for 2 days. The truck that followed the priest collided with the right side. The monk was still sitting there. The driver told them to take them to the hospital. Dullaba Oo Phan Chae took a picture of the car numbers, and then said back to the school, They all looked for a hospital but couldn’t find it,” he said.
A pickup truck carrying 4 people collided with the right side of the truck near Thetagu School, and the truck driver took the monk to the hospital.
An official of the Charitable Rulers’ Association said, “Bon Bon rang the phone. And so they continued here, the drivers’ side held, Where should we send it? I answered that it was the Golden Valley School. They said they would send it, but it didn’t show up. Later, I turned off the phone, When I started looking for it, I found a baby gourd under a tama tree at the foot of the mountain. The monk has already passed away,” he said.
Dullaba Oo Phan Chae went to the school and told the monk’s family members, With other monks, the hospital I looked for clinics but could not find them. Abandoned in a dead state under a tama tree, the attackers also took the monk’s cell phone.
Light truck MDY- 8B 4277 at the address of the owners of the vehicle, Mandalay, It is known that Pyigyi Xawbuo stopped and the Mandalay Traffic Police has opened a case at Aung Mui Tharsan No. 2 Police Station regarding this incident.