One of the most expensive mangoes in the world…

One of the most expensive mangoes in the world is almost one hundred thousand Burmese.

Miyazaki mango is from Japan, and a fruit of a certain weight is worth $50-$70, almost 100,000 Myanmar baht. The weight of the fruit must be more than 350gm. Miyazaki mango is normal.

It is 15 times sweeter than mangoes. Miyazaki mangoes are grown in southern Japan’s Kuru Island and are the world’s most expensive mangoes.

The place where it is planted is considered to have a high amount of daylight and rainfall, so it is believed that the color of the mango is beautiful.

Observant growers later put the fruit in a filter bag and take the fruit when it falls automatically. When it is ripe, it has a deep red color, so the Miyazaki mango is called the “Egg of Sun”.

To make the color of the fruit even, put a cup that reflects the color at the bottom of the fruit, and the color of the fruit is uniform and beautiful. Original Credit