Four (5) things that digital oven users should know in order to use it safely…

Four (5) things that digital oven users should know in order to use it safely and for a long time will be useful for housewives.

I believe that digital ovens can be used safely and for a long time. (1) Many digital ovens
Since they are 2000W and 2200W, they should not be used with extension cords (2).

In addition to pressing ON, you also need to press any of the stand by or function buttons.
(3) Every digital oven has a set of functions, but what you should really use is to heat oil on your own dish.
Depending on (+ , -), the reason for discounting the interest rate is that it is more convenient for male housewives. (4) Chinese friends sometimes fail.
I don’t want to forget this most important method for those who say it’s fast and cheap. Many of these digital ovens require Auto-Off
The cheapest digital camera in the market does not include a system that shuts down properly, but the small thing I will talk about now is the automatic shutdown system.
I would like to encourage you to use it without a plug. Once you are done cooking, do not remove the plug immediately. Just press the on/off button and turn it off. The fan will continue to run.
Stoves with a self-closing system will automatically shut off if the hot air is exhausted for a long time.
There may be a difference depending on the fan. When the fan stops and the sound stops, unplug the plug. If there is no automatic shut-off system, leave it on for a long time.
Then remove the plug. I would like to point out that this method is the best method for housewives who will use it for a long time.
I don’t think I need to say anything special about not touching the place, but if you want to clean it because it’s cold, use a damp cloth or a cotton pad.
If that’s the case, I believe that housewives have learned how to use this digital oven for a long time.
I am satisfied if the things I have written are of benefit to my friends. Thank you, credit