The Kanukama book sent from Myeik to the governor…

Myeik myo, together with municipal elders, the four social classes and the poor, respectfully and humbly apply for mercy from Your Highness, the Lord Governor of Myanmar, who is representative
of the King-Emperor of Great Britain, possessed of many countries and cities.
Seeing your Lordship with his Ladyship and daughter during your first visit to Myeik gave us great happiness, like a flower being watered. We offer sincere gratitude to previous governors for building roads to ease our travel and trade. We hope that if small roads are built and connected to existing ones, it will improve mining and other
industries, develop commerce and make progress which will bring prosperity and happiness. It being dangerous to travel in the sea during the strong winds, thunder, and heavy, angry rains of the monsoon, we greatly seek a steamship to run once a week between the towns of Palaw, Myeik, Bokpyin and Maliwun. We felt grateful upon
hearing the plan to build a wireless telegraph office in Kawthaung. To avoid unpleasant sights, prevent unnecessary danger, promote better scenery and enjoy clean surroundings, our municipal community has completed necessary projects with full hearts and great effort considering the money in hand. There is great consideration to obtain a system for clean, clear water. Furthermore, in Nauk-lae Quarter the plan to fill low-lying areas with soil is almost complete. To treat the ninety-six types of illness, a grand hospital must be built.
The city trusts that it will receive abundant generosity and support from our Lord to complete it soon. Also kindly help us and arrange for a clever officer who can build the sewage system. The many improvements shown above will surely cost a large amount of money, so the
municipality needs increased funding. We also hope the government will accept the English-Myanmar Science School under your authority to raise the income of the municipality. We sincerely hope the government will approve these projects and grant a loan, if it may be considered. As all the monks and citizens rely upon the refuge of your Lordship, we hope he will show compassion of the Four Cardinal Virtues [Brahmacariya] by granting these requests without delay. Being under your infinite power, our island city has has less of the ninety-six kinds of illness and little criminality, thus the people are prosperous. May the Lord and his Lady, sons, daughter and entourage live in health for more than a hundred years. May they be blessed with grace and dignity, the fragrance of flowers and the water of loving kindness. We humbly submit this memorial, your Lordship.