The most important points for a long and healthy life…

The most important points for a long and healthy life 1. Brush your teeth every time you go to bed at night. You should not eat anything after brushing your teeth. Type of oral hygiene disease.

70 is already protected automatically. 70 is already invited instead of having an unclean mouth and swallowing diseases. 2. You can have strong teeth until old age.


Don’t eat too much spicy food and eat less sweets. Always take care to keep your mouth clean 3. Only accept love in your heart. Think only about happiness 4. Only think about giving to others.

5. Chew and digest every meal. 6. Eat kangkang leaves every day. Fry, boil, make pickles, sometimes with palm bones and drink. Kangkang leaves can remove all kinds of poisons that will cause diseases in the stomach.

Removes it. Makes the skin smooth and beautiful. Cleans the blood. It is a natural medicine that cures women’s menstruation, menopause, and all gynecological diseases.
Replenishes the calcium from the bones, which are depleted automatically in old age. 6. Get up in the morning, boil warm water, let it cool for a while, drink a half cup of warm water, and eat 45 minutes after drinking. Cancer

It cures chronic diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, and reduces unnecessary fat. Please note that the water in the water bottle that has been standing overnight must not be warm. The water is too warm at night.

You should not drink it because it is poisonous. 7. Eat 4 cloves of garlic once a day with rice. The method is to peel 4 cloves of garlic and flatten them. Wait for at least 15 minutes.

Eat it with rice. People with heart disease can recover in more than two months. Too much is not good. Do not eat more than three or four servings.

When it comes into contact with the air, it becomes a drug and causes a chemical that can purify the blood and thin the blood, so wait at least 15 minutes before eating.

A French doctor once said that it is 4 times more effective than a blood thinner.

It already protects against stroke and heart disease
8. Be careful to drink about 8 cups of water in a normal glass a day. If you want to urinate, don’t wait and go immediately. Health is the greatest reward.

Keep God’s Word in mind and take care of your health so that you never lose money and possessions. If you sleep at the right time and eat at the right time, it is very difficult to get sick.

Please note that the complete economy and marriage education are of no use. May everyone be healthy and happy. Credit to Shwe Pytha.