Things you shouldn’t have and shouldn’t have at home…

Things you shouldn’t have and shouldn’t have at home…

1. It is true that if birds come to build a house, it is good luck.

However, if pigeons come and build a house, do not accept it. Both health and business are affected in that house.

Not to kill them. If you don’t want them to stay, there are ways to do it at home.


They don’t like wind-chimes. I don’t like balls and glitter. I’m also afraid of aluminum foils that produce food. Feel free to use them, they will leave.

2. It is not good for bees to come and build a house. There are some places in the lower part of Myanmar that are good for beekeeping, but most of them are bad. If you give them a strong smell, they run away. They hate crushed garlic or garlic powder or peppermint powder called Pepermit, so they will run away from it because it gives off such a strong smell.

3. It is said that spiders are silent when they build houses. Spiders are also associated with witchcraft, so most people don’t like them.

Old cobwebs can be removed with something. If there are still spiders in the house, they don’t want to kill the spiders. If so, buy a scented essential oil that you like, mix two drops with water and spray it around the house and around the house and they will move away.

4. Watch out for old watches too. Stopped clocks in particular stop economic growth. What most people don’t notice is watches. They keep it too long to throw it away. Those are the things that block your way up.

5. Throw away old batteries too. It affects work.

6. Umbrella If you don’t use old clothes and shoes, throw them away. If you continue to use it, keep it properly clean.

7. If you can’t bring the dead trees back to life, throw them away.

8. Another thing that everyone doesn’t notice is the pictures of dead people

Chinese people only put the picture in the place reserved for them. Similarly, Burmese people can put it in the temple. Burmese religion puts parents and teachers in the same sect as God.

May all my friends be happy and successful.

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