(4) Valuable Ways You Should Know to Avoid Running Out of Money…

(4) Valuable Ways You Should Know to Avoid Running Out of Money You’ve never run out of money at the end of the month, let alone accumulating a month’s income.

You should search and determine the amount of money you will save every month (or a little).

It is intended for people who have but do not save money. Divide your monthly income by 3. 50% is for monthly expenses (food, house expenses, bills, etc.) and 30% is not very important, but necessary things.

Spend 20% on clothing and accessories for the future.

Take it away. Keep the other part for your traveling expenses, father’s pleasures. Even if you don’t save for pleasures, you won’t run out of money until the end of the month.

It is intended for people. Calculate your minimum monthly income. Then calculate the expenses. Let’s say the minimum income for a month is 2 lakhs. From that, remove the daily expenses and save the remaining money. Over time, the savings will increase. (4) How to withdraw once a week

For those who want to save money but run out of money before the end of the month, there is a way to use it. Separate how much money you want to spend from your monthly income and how much money you want to save. Set aside the money to be saved and divide the money left to spend into 4 parts. Spend only 1 part a week. Weigh your monthly income and spend it.