5 Reasons for the Economy of a Family to Work in a House…

5 Reasons for the Economy of a Family to Work in a House In a house, the business is settled and the livelihood is settled, so everyone in the household 1. No one killed him

2. No one takes his property unjustly 3. No one does wrong things called kame thumisa, they have very good morals 4. They don’t tell lies 5. He also uses drugs

If there is not a single member of the household, then the household members are happy with each other and live happily.

If this is the case, this village always has its door open, whether it is possible or not. In another city, all the inhabitants are perfect in the five virtues. If this is the case, this city must be rich or poor or prosperous.

Even in a country, if you are full of these five virtues, you can’t be rich.

It’s good to have it or not, so good morals are the basic reason for the development of a country.

Is it possible to be happy in a house? It is impossible. The husband also loses morals, the wife also loses morals, and the children are also ruined. If this is the case, is this house possible or not?

In the same way, a city or a village where people living together who have broken morals can never be happy and prosperous, so good morals are necessary.