About (7) types of businesses that never lose money…

About (7) types of businesses that never lose money in Myanmar Among the businesses that must be done in Myanmar are restaurants, clothing, phones, cars, real estate, Gold and oil will do the job

The only businesses that have not suffered a loss so far are the businesses that have made a restaurant’s profit in the evening.

I can make money tomorrow, I don’t have debt, I never have to pay it back after the price goes up. Everyone wants to look good in clothes, so I don’t wear them. About 80% of my income is spent on eating and responsibilities.

More than half of the people who can afford a phone buy it every time a new model is released. People think that if they can get an update, they can’t afford it. Those who can’t afford it buy second-hand ones.

If you live for 2 or 3 years, you have to buy a new car. You can drive your own car for only 7 years, so the desire to own a car will settle down in another 15 years.

(Gold) It is good when the price goes down. I have never heard of a gold shop opening a gold shop and losing its capital.

As the demand for oil increases. You can’t bargain for the price. Just sell the capital at a profit, and the price is the same. They mix where they want. If you’re good at it, you should only do half of it again, and that’s education and health

I don’t think it’s a very healthy lifestyle. Education is extremely profitable. They can’t get a bargain from any pharmacy on health. The price is almost non-existent. (PyiSoeOo)