For those who doubt that they come from the nest….

For those who doubt that they come from the nest, about the nest, if the nest is correct, don’t eat beef and avoid living on bad deeds.

There are often good guards who like cleanliness and beauty.

In the past life, if a husband and wife left behind a wife and children, it is often difficult to get married.

Obsessive, religious, charitable, good, not burdensome, compassionate, hateful, doesn’t look back, always biting on the side of the head, always knows what’s going to happen, and is always right when told.

People who have left their husbands and wives in their past lives tend to come together in their dreams and experience them until they meet, and they are more pleasant than in reality.

Some of them sometimes ride together and tell us what they want.

Sometimes I feel lonely and longing for something. Those close to the family above are free of karma and if they do their religious work faithfully, they will be very rich.

If you think that you already think of yourself as a partner, if you want to send love and share, they will let you know if they are close.

They can find their own family, enjoy their mission, and look forward to the Buddha who will blossom in the future.

It will be special if you share it privately as follows.

That’s why his cycle was reserved exclusively for his royal family members, and when others could not enter, when they got what he gave, they would gain the glory and power of Karma Siddhi and be able to take care of themselves more than before.

I am asking you to share it privately because you may be able to get away with it.

All the persons in the spiritual world should be given according to the amount of charity, virtue, virtue, virtue, and health that they have done from the beginning of their cycle until now.