Always do good….

Always do good.
Whenever you face difficulties in life, do more good deeds. It’s not convenient to go to fortune teller and ask them to do good deeds, right? They said that it was the same.

No teacher asked me to do alms and not pay Yatra. Asking to do good deeds. That’s why, instead of relying on him, I rely on myself and try to increase my merit.
Inconvenient and good deeds
If it’s convenient, do good deeds,
If you face an attack, do good deeds,
If there is a disturbance, do good deeds,
If it is more inconvenient, do more merit,
Even if it gets worse while doing it
Don’t be discouraged.
full of confidence Continue with great perseverance. Surely the merit is yours
will keep.
# Don’t let your faith and perseverance decrease.
If good deeds are strong in life
Good deeds, The evil will only weaken. into a cup of water
If you throw in a pinch of salt, that cup of water will become salty.
Try throwing a pinch of salt into a lake full of water. The taste of the water will not change. There is a lot of water. Similarly, if good deeds are strong, bad deeds will become small.
So don’t underestimate merit. Every time it doesn’t go well, add one merit. If more is not enough, do more.
If the merit is strong, all
It will be convenient indeed.
Chief Master
Dr. Baddanta Nanda Malabhiwantha