Earnings report without worry…

Earnings report without worry…
Hello friends, this is the report that the teacher will present.

A simple and easy report that will protect you from all kinds of confusion, financial worries, and money worries during the time when you are in trouble.

Do charity for 7 days. Anyone can do it. Put 1100 Kyats of money on the plate, put 2 lemons on the money and a glass filled with water.

Between 7:00 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday, cut a lemon into 4 slices and place one slice in each of the 4 corners of the apartment, squeeze the remaining 2 slices into a glass of water and sprinkle them around the yard, 1100 money

Always carry kyat in your wallet next time you do it with new money and you can reuse the old one you are only allowed to do this 2 times a month if you do it this way

Friends, your mind will be clear and fresh, you will be open and your desires will be fulfilled. You and your teacher Oo Min Naing and you and your teacher see the teachers and the teachers.