If you see these signs, you will be lucky…

(1) On the way to Shinju Shinlong’s wedding ceremony (2) Offering alms to the monks and carrying the image of the Buddha (3) The blessed words of the one who is full of gold and silver

When they are talking (4) If they are going to rent a car, and if they can rent a car for a comfortable ride, (5) If there are no quarrels at home when they go.

(6) If the children say that they happily bought bread in return (7) If the radio and TV are broadcasting blessings, chants, etc.

(8) If a group of people in front of you is happy and happy (9) If you see auspicious announcement signs in the scene when you start (10) It is a good omen.

(11) If you see a famous person on the road (12) There is water pouring down the road.

If you see an open water pump, (13) you see someone taking a sip of water on the road, (14) you see a funeral on the road, but you don’t see anyone crying.

When (15) the housewife or someone who was about to go bought fish, (16) I saw the animals eating peacefully without fighting, but (17) the beggars

If you don’t encounter a lot of quarrels (18) If you go near and see children worshiping God, you hear the chanting of God (19) If you see the saints praying.

(20) I saw a beautiful girl buying umbrellas, gongs, etc.

(22) I saw a honey bee hive on the way, (23) I saw a hospital car and a funeral car pass by, (24) I was on my way, and the boy left.

If the eyebrow woman moves her right eyebrow, those signs are good signs.