If you are going to work abroad, please read this and prepare yourself….

If you are going to work abroad, please read this and prepare yourself.
The voice of the young Pao who arrived in Thailand, the salary is good in Thailand

I get about 10,000,000 in 1 month
Yes, I get that much, but no one asks how much the living expenses are.
No one asks how many hours a day you work, how many meals you eat a day, how many hours you sleep a day. In Thailand, it is free, so even if you go to the toilet, you have to pay.
The lives of people in Burma who have to run away to work, brush their teeth and brush their teeth with a fresh face in their pajamas from before dawn. At least the people of Myanmar eat hard rice and paste while eating with an old stomach and a rumbling stomach, drinking water for breakfast.
In the afternoon, when you guys are taking a nap, there is no food and empty stomach, and you have to drink empty water because you don’t want to go to the toilet.
A lot of people don’t buy a cup of coffee for breakfast
As for you, I asked for 100,000 as a tip, and I had to stand for 8 hours to get that 100,000 ‼️
People who don’t even drink a cup of coffee ask for 120,000,000.
If you think it’s free money, even if it takes 8 hours to get 100,000, you’ll feel sympathy.
Even when they return to Burma, how much remittances are given by their parents is rare
Brothers and sisters are rare
Good feet, good hands, a strong body, and hiding parents’ money, brother and sister’s money, it’s good to be ashamed.
When they work, they don’t want to do that job because they don’t want to do this job
When you come to Thailand, no matter what degree you get, you have to sweep the floor, you have to pick up the trash, you have to do everything you ask because you don’t want to do it because you’re tired.
Money doesn’t come anywhere for free, it’s only earned by making it worthwhile
The bread money you say is the life of washing away pride for a meal, being fattening and slandering even if it’s true.
Money earned from standing all day