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(Egg/Arahman/Debt break fast) Greetings to everyone (Debt break fast) who are in the city area.


To my friends, this time, I would like to present a small debt relief plan, there are many debt relief plans,

But since this method is an easy and effective plan to make, you and your friends will be able to do it

I am posting it with faith. There are people who already know about this plan and there are people who don’t know about it. However, I am a friend.

This plan is intended to provide some benefit for us!!

But for those who have financial problems and cannot pay back, this is a plan that will quickly make money easy and clear the debt quickly

One is, for those who borrow money from others and don’t want to pay it back, it is not a plan to prevent them from asking for credit! Necessary

Materials 1. 1 porcelain plate 2. Rice 3. 1 green egg 4. 1 blue soap plant 5. 1 small candle 6. 1 fire love How to make it!

First, put 1 handful of rice into 1 ceramic plate, then write (Arahman) in the middle of a green egg in blue color.

If you put that egg in the middle of a ceramic plate with rice, then light 1 small candle on top of that egg, then

Please pray deeply for debt relief!! Do this plan at 9:45 on the morning of your birthday, you can do it for exactly 3 days, the next day

You only have to light a candle, you don’t need other items, you can light the candle at a convenient time.

It can be done either on the altar (or with an empty seat in front of the altar), but not at the base or low places.

Please do not eat beef or pork during the three (3) day period.

In order to be close to the Lord, cook food, boil an egg, add oil, salt, and sweet powder, then offer the rice and egg to the Buddha.

Please offer it as usual, and pray again for debt settlement!! There is one thing I want to say here, that is, hand rice 1

When kneading/kneading, don’t take it compactly, but take it in a slightly loose position, so that when you cook food, it’s convenient.

If there is a mistake in the writing, please understand and forgive!!

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You can contact me (I don’t preach for free, I only preach with a tribute fee)! Wish all my friends peace, good health, and one wish.

When you’re half full, let’s overcome the three problems! Let’s all be fine