The meanings behind some of the dreams that people dream about…

The meanings behind some of the dreams that people dream about…

In the olden days, in order to know the meaning of dreams, people would go to astrologers who foretold their dreams.





But in the 21st century, psychologists, Now that there are mental health doctors, we can now know the meaning of dreams as well as why we dream what we dream about.

The dream meanings that will be presented now are not very specific, but in general, they are correct information.

1. After that, I got it.”

This kind of dream is often dreamed when there is a lot of anxiety.

Most people have had this dream. I tend to dream when the time comes to face an issue that I have worried about for a long time…

2. broken tooth”

A tooth represents a person’s self-control and confidence, and a broken tooth in a dream means that you will encounter an issue in real life that makes you lose your confidence.

Some people say that braces are a bad dream, but actually it is because of the problems you are facing in your life.

3. I met a famous person.”

The artist represents the needs of his life that he wants to be recognized.

Depending on the artist you see in your dream, you can know what skills you value.

4. I dream of money.”

Dreaming of money means that the value of life has changed.

If you dream that you have money for some reason, it means that success and riches in life are at your fingertips…

5. I see a friend or family member who has passed away.”

Dreaming about someone who has died means that you are being influenced by bad people in your real life.

6. fell”

This dream is a dream of stress due to uncontrollable issues in real life.

You are warning from your unconscious that there are problems in love and work…

7. school or classroom”

This dream is often dreamed by everyone. It’s the kind of dream where you go to the exam without studying.

This dream is a reminder to be aware in real life.

School represents your work. Because of this, the problems that will be encountered at work, You have to prepare for the competition.

8. I dream of a garden.”

This is meta because we need comfort and encouragement in real life.

9. I killed someone.”

I have this dream when a big change suddenly happens in my real life.

For example, a dream of killing an animal is because one’s behavior has changed. .

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