The latest news from Titan, a small submarine to study the wreck of the Titanic…

With only five people, this submarine can only provide oxygen for 96 hours, and on June 22, it ran out of oxygen.
Titan is not independent underwater like other large submarines, but has an underwater vehicle level that depends on a large surface ship.

There were only five guides and three passengers who paid two hundred thousand dollars each, along with the underwater explorer who went on the boat.

The passengers were a British-Pakistani businessman and his son. A British businessman. The guide was a former French naval officer and ocean researcher. The latter is the pilot who drives the ship and the founder of OceanGate, Inc., which owns the ship.

They will be in Newfoundland on June 16. Leaving St. John’s on the MV Polar Prince; On the 17th, we arrived at the diving site, and on the 18th, we started diving with Titan at 9:00 p.m. the next day.

At first, the Polar Prince was in regular contact, but after 11:47 p.m., it lost contact.

A ship that can dive up to 4,000 meters (13,000 feet). It is 22 feet long and made of carbon fiber and titanium.
The ship’s pilot is controlled by a wireless Logitech G F710 game controller that plays PC games.

It has Starlink internet service, but it doesn’t work underwater.

Once people enter the submarine, the hatch must be closed and reopened only from the outside.
The descent from the surface to the Titanic normally took three hours; A full dive takes about eight hours.
When CBS visited in 2022, the passengers had to sign that they knew it was a test submarine.
I had a problem with a company-employee lawsuit after firing an employee who said he was concerned about the integrity and safety of the submarine.
When entering the submarine, they had to take off their shoes and sit on the floor. No seats, There is only one toilet – when going to the toilet, you have to play music to cover the sound.
In addition to Canada, American ships and planes are helping.
A Canadian plane today
I caught the noise underwater
are cheering, But
Titan is about to run out of oxygen…
Has the submarine been damaged under water for some reason?
I hope to get an answer in a few days.