Parents who systematically destroy their own children…

“Mom, I don’t want to eat with this curry… I’ll eat with that curry.”
In my mother’s eyes, if I feed her with the curry she requested
I can see that it’s a cold ear

But in my mind…
You have the right to eat as you want…
I will eat as much as I want
limit anything (rule)

No need to put it
Little by little, the perception of children
This mother did not notice that she was coming in
“Mother…son doesn’t want to go to school today”
“Aye Aye… I’ll take my mother’s leave”

In this mother’s thoughts, today is a day at school
I think that there is nothing wrong with not going.
In fact, I have to go to school regularly
To easily break the rules
I support and help…
Missing a day of school
Although nothing
In the mind of a child
“I don’t want to go.”
Not wanting to follow easily
Gradually getting stronger…
I don’t want this mother to notice this
“Who is the mother and son fighting?”
“Aye… U Aung Thar invited me back, but I didn’t accept it at all…
I’ll clean everything up with my mother.”
In this mother’s view, these problems
Son Nai must be able to win… I will clear it up
Whatever it is…
In fact, the child
He can no longer decide a certain issue based on his age
The kind of mentality that usually acts physically first… My parents will decide what to do
A kind of spirit is gradually created
I don’t want this mother to notice this…
As you grow up, you will gradually learn
It is not.
Children often check their blood pressure*
(In the first age, it can be coaxed… in the second age
can be six In the third age
You can do it once or twice…)
Can be taught from childhood
It has its own rules
Ask him to take off his shoes…
Ask to eat without spilling the food..
(The food you want to pay is mandatory
(try to be respectful)
The toy he already played
Ask him to save a system himself…
(If you don’t save it, don’t allow any more of his wishes at all)
Systematically gradual from childhood
Must be nurtured
No discipline from a young age
Even if the child grows up
Any rules easily
It is often not followed
To be given to the children
True happiness is…
Buying all the hot toys…
All playgrounds are always sent
It’s not a joke
In the current situation
At the age he is in the environment he is in, with his own awareness
Must be disciplined and happy
I don’t want to wake the baby because he’s sleeping
Missing school doesn’t matter
Presuming parents face to face with the phone all day
I can’t tell the children who don’t leave
For one reason
Permissive parents
Things we don’t even know about in a phone
Parents who are proud that he knows…
I was forced to work 10 hours a day
If you grow up, you will definitely be educated
Dreaming parents…
A child is almost as old as an adult
Parents who are proud that they can speak
Little boy around beer
He said that he used to sit and drink
Kind of proud parents
I see a lot around…
You can do whatever you like…
Shape your own children as you like
But I would like to warn you
A seed that is thrown as if it wants to grow… as if it wants to grow
Don’t forget that it will grow…
(Don’t be defeated by love)
Crd:; Daw Aye Ma Ma Myo ( EFG